Mara & Justin Engagement Session

I have shot photos for Mara and her daughter Harper for awhile now. Mara alway’s has the cutest idea’s and outfits for her photos. Sometime’s I think I should hire her to style my shoots… For real! Mara & Justin got engaged a few weeks ago and I was excited for her and Harper Grace because they deserve the best and to be so very happy! Justin is a great guy and I am over the moon ecstatic for all of them. Mara contacted me to shoot their engagement session and I was super stoked! I jumped on the opportunity to get them booked. It rained right before their photo session so it set the clouds just right, It was the perfect evening to shoot this romantic and fun engagement session. Its breathtaking! Take a look for yourself. SWOON!

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Cayla & Tim Married! / Wedding

Cayla & Tim got married on a beautiful June day in downtown Chattanooga,TN. The week before the wedding the forecast was showing rain, rain, rain, and more rain! But as the big day got closer the rain moved out! Cayla & Tim got married at The Water House pavilion at Miller Plaza in between the fountains. It was a gorgeous setting. They tied the knot a couple hours before sunset so the light was just perfect during their wedding ceremony and for their wedding portraits afterwords. The day was beautiful and perfect! I couldn’t have imagined a prettier wedding in the heart of down town Chattanooga,TN! Congrats Cayla & Tim! 2015-06-26_0001 2015-06-26_0002 2015-06-26_0003 2015-06-26_0004 2015-06-26_0005 2015-06-26_0006 2015-06-26_0007 2015-06-26_0008 2015-06-26_0009 2015-06-26_0010 2015-06-26_0011 2015-06-26_0012 2015-06-26_0013 2015-06-26_0014 2015-06-26_00472015-06-26_0051 2015-06-26_0028 2015-06-26_0027 2015-06-26_00262015-06-26_00152015-06-26_0016 2015-06-26_0017 2015-06-26_0018 2015-06-23_00472015-06-26_0019 2015-06-26_0020 2015-06-26_0021 2015-06-26_0022 2015-06-26_0023 2015-06-26_0024 2015-06-26_00252015-06-26_00292015-06-26_00302015-06-26_00312015-06-26_00322015-06-26_00332015-06-26_00342015-06-26_00352015-06-26_00362015-06-26_00372015-06-26_00382015-06-26_00392015-06-26_00402015-06-26_00412015-06-23_00392015-06-23_00402015-06-23_00412015-06-23_00422015-06-23_00432015-06-23_00442015-06-23_00452015-06-23_00462015-06-23_00482015-06-23_00492015-06-23_00502015-06-23_0051



Madalyn & Jason / Engagement Session

I met up with Madalyn & Jason at one of my favorite locations to shoot their engagement session on a warm June morning. The sun was just about perfect for the morning light I love and the chemistry between these 2 BLEW ME AWAY! They were up for anything I threw their way as far as posing ideas. The love I captured between the poses with their candid shots made me smile from ear to ear! I am so excited that they chose me to document their engagement session and to also shoot their wedding in September of this year(2015)! YAY! Now take a look at this beautiful engagement session. I know you’ll be madly in love with Madalyn and Jason’s photos just as I am! 2015-06-23_0001 2015-06-23_0002 2015-06-23_0003 2015-06-23_0004 2015-06-23_0005 2015-06-23_0006 2015-06-23_0007 2015-06-23_0008 2015-06-23_0009 2015-06-23_0010 2015-06-23_0011 2015-06-23_0012 2015-06-23_0013 2015-06-23_0014 2015-06-23_0015 2015-06-23_0016 2015-06-23_0017 2015-06-23_0018 2015-06-23_0019 2015-06-23_0020 2015-06-23_0021 2015-06-23_0022 2015-06-23_0023 2015-06-23_0024 2015-06-23_0025 2015-06-23_0026 2015-06-23_0027 2015-06-23_0028 2015-06-23_0029 2015-06-23_0030 2015-06-23_0031 2015-06-23_0032 2015-06-23_0033 2015-06-23_0034 2015-06-23_0035 2015-06-23_0036 2015-06-23_0037

Elizabeth / Senior Session

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL Spring day! It rained all last week so mother nature washed all the pollen away for us. All the trees were lush and green. There was a golden sun setting and a cool Spring breeze in the air. It was the perfect day to shoot some senior photos for miss Elizabeth. I had never met Elizabeth before her shoot but when she greeted me she handed me a little beaded lizard she had made. She is very artsy and makes some awesome crafts! Elizabeth has skills! She has the sweetest most kind soul. She was up for anything during the shoot that I had in mind as far as posing went. Her laugh is contagious. I just know Elizabeth is going to do amazing things in life when she graduates high school this Spring. Hang in there Elizabeth! just a few more weeks and you’ll be a high school graduate! 2015-04-24_0001 2015-04-24_0002 2015-04-24_0003 2015-04-24_0004 2015-04-24_0005 2015-04-24_0006 2015-04-24_0007 2015-04-24_0008 2015-04-24_0009 2015-04-24_0010 2015-04-24_0011